Saturday, August 28, 2004


John Marshall, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Clarence Darrow, Aaron Burr, Raymond Burr, Alexander Hamilton, Linda Hamilton, Hamilton Fish, Fish Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Jackie Chiles, Jackie Mason, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sherlock Holmes, Tom Hagen; the inner circle of the country's greatest legal minds; your idols, your inspiration! And, of course, there's money too.

Welcome to the wonderful world of law and Dante's tenth Circle of Hell.

Stockton & Tweed, adolescent purveyors of mindless bantor that allegedly passes for humor, are, of course, lawyers. That's right, barristers, soliciters, attorneys at flaw we be. Don't expect to speak with us without getting a bill, and don't expect us to care about anything - because its all arguable or negotiable to us.

Having been through law school and practiced law (legally) for a number of years, we decided it was appropriate for us to give something back; to help those considering a career in law, about to attend law school, in the midst of law school or about to embark on a legal career. Also, we can claim this as pro bono work at our local bars.

So, if you're out practicing, about to start or just interested, come join us, Stockton, Esquire and Tweed, Esquire as we recollect our experiences and provide some advice for those that follow. Between us, as lawyers, interns or clerks, we have worked for judges, a prosecutor's office, legal aid, as practicing litigators, as a business lawyer and as a transactional lawyer. And neither of us has been sued yet!

Read on, so that you can understand why Stockton & Tweed say: "the law is like humidity."

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